Adult alliance looking for two. Map 4 AQ no donations, Gold 2 pushing gold 1

Unfortunately two of our last recruits disliked communicating and went MIA for the entirety of AQ and AW without any notice so we are looking for 2 more.

We are a relaxed alliance that understands the importance of real life. We have no donation requirements and have been oscillating between gold2 and gold1 this season.

We are seeking two strong accounts (capable of finishing any path + mini on t7 and higher aw map).

Please message on line: DrQtip


  • DrQtipDrQtip Posts: 9
    Still looking for two to help us finish out this war season strong. We have won our last 3 shorthanded (with 26, 28, 28 players) if that gives you an indication of the strength of the alliance
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