Deadpool XForce buff needed

Please give him some utility or at least let his L1 have some kind of benefit. He’s a one trick pony with his L2/L3 bleed and his sig isn’t great. My poor 6* DPXF just sits like a knot on a log because he’s about useless.


  • LeoGnarleyardoLeoGnarleyardo Posts: 295
    I took my 4* dpxf through the master intel quest, took out gwenpool, sabertooth and massacre with him, leaving me the rest of my champs for the rest of the quest.
  • B1gG4zB1gG4z Posts: 116
    I agree, I think both Deadpools need a buff to match the current abilities in the game. 1 just heals the other gets a powergain when he’s nearly dead. There’s so much potential with these 2 champs , he’s an icon on the game, please for the love of god give them some utility and some specials that match his moves in the movies and something that you can’t evade very very easily lol
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