Is Ghost Rider good?

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Hey guys i just got Ghost Rider in my most recent 4* crystal is he worth ranking and if he is how do you play him right? cause he seems like one of the more complex champions out there
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    He is very good! He got different tools and you activate them doing specials and different combos. each of these will trigger a judgement on the opponent that stays with them until you reset them using a s3, each judgement increases the duration of the buff or debuff you apply.

    Not the best at english, but hope it was somewhat understandable
  • well thanks and your explanation was very understandable
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    I use my Ghost Rider in AQ to clear out everything except the bosses. That way I have my SL and WW2 at full health for the boss. I am not the best at using him yet since I just got him in Arena a little while ago. But what I do is get in a couple 5 hit combos to get a judgement on the bad guy and then I do a parry followed with a light then heavy attack to trigger his Regen. That way I can keep his health up so I can clear all my lanes only using GR. You could do the same thing for story quests also. I really like GR so far.
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    ghost rider is doc.strange until they nerf him powerfull regeneration fate seal power drain bleed. if u learn how manage ur juggments he will be best in aq
    Thanks for this post. I just got my 4 star GR two days ago.
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    Y E S
  • Hes awesome. Best regen in the game
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    Hes awesome. Best regen in the game

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    Hes awesome. Best regen in the game

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