Suggestions To Achieve True Balance in the Contest

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Excuse me if this has been discussed before but I did take a break around the Cable or Hood arena and came back about 2 months ago. I just wanted to open up a discussion on what you believe champions in the game should have to make the contest more balanced.

I did notice notice some changes to champions and some I like such as Winter Soldier, Punisher and Hulk and others got destroyed by diminishing returns and/or got nerfed really hard. All for the name of balance

With the Web-Slingers Challenge going on now I thought now would be a good time. This challenge requires those who reduce Auto - Evading chances, the best option is a rank 4 4/40 4* or higher Black Widow with a high sig (at least that is my opinion). I have no such Black Widow and must rely on my Agent Venom. Although he is good, 50% is not high enough for these 5* Auto Evaders. I did manage to beat the hardest path and am working down but I digress.

I think Venom should reduce Auto-Evading chance as well in exchange for some of his random buffs.

The Iron Men should have an attack that can't be auto evaded.

Anyone who makes the opponent Exhausted, Weak, or Fatigued should reduce the chance to Auto-Evade (among having other effects such as making the opponent weaker, less chance to crit and/or reducing defensive ability chance) when they give the opponent any one of those debuffs, Imagine a duped Luke Cage v Classic Spider-Man (I know it's hilarious) But if the only time you get hit his sig ability kicks in you have a second chance to continue the fight where before the fight would end. Maybe make Luke Cage stronger with an Armor Break from specials or something.

The Cold Snap from Iceman prevents anyone from Auto-Evading, why can't the above debuffs do the same or be similar?

The idea here is to talk about anyone or any group or class of champions and give suggestions how they can be better and if something should be given up to create balance.

Maybe all mutants should heal and recover from debuffs the fastest, maybe all Cosmics immune to poison or all Science Champs cause armor break or all techs are difficult to Auto-Evade, all Skill champs have a small evade chance or have a controlled evade (not dexterity), all mystics could have a lower chance to bleed or be poisoned, mess with the opponents head and cause them to miss or something. Maybe not all from each class will have those abilities but perhaps most could. Just throwing ideas out there.

Looking forward to your suggestions and comments.


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    Um theres a couple of good points here and there but first of all, winter soldier, punisher and hulk weren't very effected at all by diminishing returns hulk is regarded as one of the best science champions and winter soldier and punisher were actually buffs in patch 12.0 where they changed to flat values and diminishing returns. Second the webslinger challenge doesn't need auto evade reduction champions they do make it easier but if you play well you can definitely complete it with a champion like starlord. Also BW is actually not the sole best auto evade reduction character CB, GP and elektra are all just as good if not better in some circumstances. The iron man suggestion isn't really needed and would just be a strange mechanic that isn't need nor very helpful to the character buffing his special damage instead might be more useful. I agree Luke cage needs to be buffed but giving all characters that inflict your aforementioned debuffs opponent ability reduction would not be the buff they need since they would still not be as good as elektra and GP since the main problem with most champions that place fatigue and exhaustion is their lack of damage output making them very annoying to play with (Luke cage, antman, etc.) Finally the overall buffs to the classes you suggested already sort of exist in the form of class specific masteries ( pure skill, mystic dispersion, tech collar, etc) and the buffs you mentioned would simply make certain champion over powered, imagine archangel and iceman who are already god tier champions with regen mechanics or tech champions like star lord and stark spidey that have abilities like gwenpool sig ability it would imbance the game more than balance. I do agree that venom should reduce evade since thats a big part of his comic powers
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    Thanks for your feedback, I don't think I said WS, Punisher and Hulk were nerfed or hurt by diminishing return (if that's what it sounded like I apologize for the confusion), I said others were hurt by diminishing returns, and honestly I was just throwing champs out there.

    I know that probably none of my suggestions would ever be put into the game but I for sure know not all of them would be put in the game. I simply wanted a space we could talk about how balance could be brought into the game instead of seeing all of these Nerf Hyperion or Magik threads that open up.

    The idea is to suggest how everyone could have unique or in the case of Venom and Agent Venom share unique abilities. Maybe throw Sym. Spider-Man in there?

    As for the Web-Slingers challenge I know that Black Widow isn't the best anymore but you do have a time limit in the way of a 2% Degen and you can't play too aggressive against classic Spider-Man which you need to be with Crossbones and Elektra. I have trouble with Agent Venom and he just needs to be on screen to have his ability active. I will get in done as I still have time to get through it.
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    Yeah some champs were hit pretty hard by diminishing returns iron fist is probably the biggest since because of that his only use pretty much disappeared, youre right a lot of champions need more unique abilities especially older champions and yeah buffing weaker champs would be better than nerfing stronger ones, if you're struggling with the web slinger challenge just a few tips that might work might work better than agent venom is crossbones, dash back and get him into over charge mode, you'll take block damage but with life steal you can regen it all back then play super agressive to play around the degen, with elektra any debuff on spiderman will reduce his ability accuracy better than agent venom so playing agressively is actually better for elektra because she has to keep getting to her sp1 to get the bleed up and stop him from evading .
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    I appreciate the tips, unfortunately I already got passed the hardest path and am half way through the second hardest. As for buffing weaker champs any suggestions from anyone is welcomed.
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    I actually wrote up a big list a while back when I was bored
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    That's awesome, thanks for uploading it here.
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    Perhaps they should buff up old champs and give them new move sets rather than making new champs with cool moves and unique abilities. The more new champs there are with cool abilities the less use we have for older champs especially ones that are rarely used if it all, such as Luke Cage and She-Hulk. There are way too many champs that are only good for the arena and you can't use or won't be having a good time using for questing, AW and AQ.

    Is it possible old champs are being worked on now? If so could a Mod please comment?
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