Which Mutant Rank and/or awaken

So I have some really awesome choices for mutant champs and a 5* awakening gem as well, but not sure is the best way to go. The big question is where to put the 5* mutant awakening gem. And it’s really a toss up between omega red and archangel. I have a 4* rank 5 AA already. If act 6 wasn’t 4* blocked I’d just to omega red, but now not so sure.

After that it is who to work towards rank 4 Domino, Omega Red or AA? I do have the flaming trinity for domino. I also have a 5* rank 3 sabertooth and 54* rank wolverine for Omega Red.

Which Mutant Rank and/or awaken 5 votes

Rank 4 Domino, awaken omega red and take to rank 3
Rank 4 Domino, awaken Archangel and take to rank 3
Awaken Omgea Red and rank 4 him
Spity68BlackSaChishadow_lurker22The_red_EclipseKong_Master 5 votes


  • Angelfire_TNORAngelfire_TNOR Posts: 56
    Sigh accidentally hit enter and you cannot edit the poll options...

    the last choice was going to be put everything into Archangel.
  • MikePendragonMikePendragon Posts: 73
    Brother, Archangel is amazing if you awaken him. And with your 4 star version locked out, I'd say dump your resources into him.
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