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Adding nuanced requirements for fights.

So I had an idea for special nodes or a row of nodes that require specific attack combinations or have quirky nuances that don't just apply damage to the attacker to progress through the fight/quest.

For example:

Node called "Never-ending Combo" - The Defender only receives damage if struck in a rotating pattern of M,L,L,L,M - L,M,L,L,M - M,L,L,L,L - SP1(or 2 or 3 depending on Attacker's power). If the Attacker loses the pattern, the Defender becomes indestructible for 20 seconds and regenerates 75% of damage taken during most recent combo sequence.

I think instead of making Defenders just attack sponges, this gives a nuance.

Another example would be:

Node called "Banishment" - If the Attacker is touched (even while blocking) within the first 20 seconds of the fight, the Attacker turns to stone at current health, minus damage received from that hit and the fight is over. The Attacker is locked out of the quest for 1 fight. If all Attackers have been turned to stone, all Attackers are KO'd.

And lastly:

Node called "Penance" - Every 10 seconds both the Attacker and the Defender become indestructible for 5 seconds. During that time every hit received increases the attack of whichever received the hits by 35% per hit, however the damage received is then applied at once after the indestructible effect ends. During the indestructible phase, Attackers and Defenders are immune to Debuffs.

What do you guys think?
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