How do you use Domino?

I have a 4 star unawakened domino that I just got yesterday and I have no idea how to use her properly.


  • SP2 causes allot of bleed. Don’t use her against tech or bleed immune. SP1 causes bleed and a chance at stun. That’s about all I know
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    I am thinking whether to push mine to 5/50 and put in AWD.
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    For long fights spam sp3, when you're lucky you'll have insane sp3 damage
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    Bring Red Hulk and Masacre for incinerate 100% of the damage on your heavy and +1 second to all Debuffs (leading your heavies to deal 250% of the normal damage, and if you land it while the opponent is stunned, it essentially does around 2x damage on the heavy hits, meaning you are doing 500% damage off one Heavy (it’s a ton; my 4/55 ticks for 2000 almost every time if I crit)

    The best combo for this to maximize damage for each Parry (assuming you have parry and stupefy maxed) is MLH.

    TLDR get the RH and Masacre synergy and parry, MLH and it does tons of damage.

    So that’s the way to end fights ridiculously fast. For medium to longish fights, do that until you reach L2, and if you are fairly close to ending an enemy, launch your L2 and it does MASSIVE damage.

    For longer fights, be at L3, (hopefully you will have lucky up for extra bonus damage) and parry your opponent right before you launch it so you can attack immediately after.

    You want to attack right after because if you critical bleed, you want to keep it alive by shooting off L1s which if the opponent is unlucky the bleed will refresh. Each L3 try to cycle as many L1s after L3 as you can.

    Hope that helped. There still a good bit more to the character, but that’s most the necessary info

    PS since she hits with a gun on her second hit of her medium, Medusa doesn’t stun her.
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