!!Summoner We Need You!!

A little bit about us - we are retired veterans and looking for a members who is sick of the grind but can pull their weight

A sense of humour is a must, and while AQ / AW is mandatory, we allow you to concentrate on your personal aims, while still enjoying AQ / AW amongst experienced members.

250k+ minimum Hero Rating

We value Teamwork, Communication and Skill over Pi.

We hit all milestones in alliance events - even though these have a lower mandatory target (item use and completion only)

We are relaxed, but relaxed means easier maps, less paths and optional AW and lower milestone expectations - not play whenever you feel.


- This is mandatory and we expect at least a minimum of 4-8 nodes.
- You have a 5 hour grace from the time you wake up till the time you join and do at least 2 nodes (unless clearly communicated with the group why)


- If you join AW, the above applies unless back up or path 2A

- Item Use - 1250pts Minimum
- Completion - 7500pts minimum

Line is a must, so if interested, find us on there: Id: Draenath, Moehammer, mcfc-epl or MightyB4rn

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