Looking for AQ focused ally

Line id: outsidergua

Looking for ally that focuses on AQ and pays little to no attention to AW.
Please do not message me if you are one of those alliances is looking to keep getting better at the AW carrot chase.


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    Jcobra25 said:

    Line id: outsidergua

    Looking for ally that focuses on AQ and pays little to no attention to AW.
    Please do not message me if you are one of those alliances is looking to keep getting better at the AW carrot chase.

    Hi Outsidergua. Our alliance is focused on AQ. War is optional in our alliance. You play if you are interested. If you sign up for war though, then we would expect you to be available to help out in the offensive phase. Since you have no interest in war, this is completely fine with us. We have 1 spot available immediately in our alliance with about 2 more available in 2 weeks. We would welcome you. Below is a post that I used to recruit for new teammates. It will tell you about us and if you have any questions or interest in joining us, please reach out to me in-game. My IGN is gladiator2014. Here is the post:

    Hi. We will have 2-3 spots in our alliance that will be opening up in the next 2 weeks. We are looking for veteran players that are active, friendly, and a team player that have similar outlook as we do about the game and would like to join us. Our alliance is a chill and relaxed alliance with no drama. We have teammates primarily from the USA, but also from Europe, Asia, and Australia. Our lives outside this game, such as family, school, and work takes priority! Despite time zone differences, we get along very well and accomplish our goals of having fun but also help each other get resources by doing our part in the events as best as we can. If we need to slow down much further, we do have a sister alliance, [Dos34], that our teammates can temporarily jump down to play at a much slower pace so that we can take care of our responsibilities outside the game and help build it up. When we have more time to play, we would go back to this main alliance [1Dos3] to continue with our growth. It's very much like a family here.

    Here are some recent updates to our alliance.

    We remain an organized, active, AQ focused alliance. AQ is the most important and will not be compromised by war. War is non-mandatory/optional and participation is for those that are available and shown interest in war. This means, if you sign up for war, you must be available to fight during the offensive phase or let the team know if something important came up and you become unavailable. It may or may not run concurrently with AQ. We usually do 1 - 2 wars a week (at least 1 and usually 2), and never if it will compromise AQ efforts. Mostly, it's a 1-BG war in our alliance for those interested teammates and the offensive days are Thursdays and/or Saturdays for the most part. For Season 8 War, we are likely to be ranked at season's end in the Bronze 1 or Silver 3 bracket. So if war is your passion and is of high priority, this alliance will NOT fit what you seek!

    For AQ, we play it 5 days a week, in 3 BGs. We complete all 3 BGs 100%. BG 1 plays this schedule: 5-4-4-4-4, while BG 2 plays 4-4-4-4-3, and BG 3 plays 4-3-3-3-3. Collectively, we earn over 66 M points each week and are ranked in the 2801 - 3500 bracket. We expect to reach the 70 M points PEAK milestone in about 4 weeks. These are the total weekly rewards that you would get from AQ participation in our alliance (combined daily, peak, and ranked rewards):

    -Map 5 Crystals x 9;
    -Map 4 Crystals x 15;
    -Map 3 Crystals x 5;
    -T4BC (full) x 1;
    -T2AC fragments x 1000;
    -2450 Glory;
    -Greater Glory Crystal x 3;
    -T4CC fragment Crystals x 10;
    -5,200 T4BC fragments;
    -85,175 GOLD and
    -23,825 BATTLECHIPS

    Donations are mandatory and are due each Monday by 11:59 PM PST. We request the following weekly amounts: 15,000 gold and 1000 loyalty.

    We participate in weekly SA. We have been surpassing the 500K mark each week for SA with a weekly average of 647K for the past 6 weeks. Our high is 778K and low is 566K. We are ranked 6-20% for SA. In other alliance events (particularly the 3-day events), we continue to reach the last milestones consistently, so you will get good rewards with us. With Arena Wins, we are ranked 51-100%. With Completion and Item Use, we are ranked 21-50%. With Villain use and Avengers use, we are ranked 3-5%. Guardian Use, we are ranked 6-20%. There are NO event minimums.

    We use Telegram as our communication app. This is required.

    If you are interested in our alliance or have additional questions, please look for me in-game. My IGN is gladiator2014. You can also find me on Telegram as my username is the same: @gladiator2014. Please don't forget to use the @ in front of my name in the search box or you won't find me.
  • PcasA needs some people that can keep up. We have a great base team of 28 players, lost a few recently to school/military/life.
    I would like to find 2 or 3 people who play at least 1 time per day and can read instructions.
    We have Discord.
    We have line, not required but useful. Communicate via DM on game to help orgainize mostly.
    Adults prefered.
    Min level 45 or min rating 150k.
    Active in WAR currently Silver
    3 BG map 43333 willing to do 54333 if you ask
    Weekly SA
    Join us if you wanna. Can find me on Discord, Line or in COC as JFaeriePixie
    If not catch you in global or hey even in vs or war
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