Roster direction.

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A couple of questions:

1. Should I continue to R4 reasonable 4* or hoard the resources for future 5* use?

Obviously I won't let things expire but should I be using inventory items or just hang onto them. At this stage my only 5* are WS and VP, both at 1/10 but neither strike me as particularly useful and the 5* seem to be too resource hungry to waste on crappy champs.

I always have heaps of class ISO and this has probably dictated recent rank up choices but I don't want to rank garbage just to use it unless it's to R2. I'm considering not even wasting T1A to R3 a lot of my roster.

I don't have T4C to R5 or use for 5* and probably won't see any for a while.

Current 4* R4 champs:

AA duped
SW duped
Sym SP duped
Red mag Duped
Vis AOU duped
Magik duped
captain america duped

Here are R3, who from this list should be R4 and why (war/questing etc)

red hulk duped
WS duped

I didn't add garbage champs to my R3 list but I have a few..



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    May as well take your fives to max level for arena points. Until you get a good 5 duped or one that doesn't really need the sig you'll focus on building up 4* anyway. Just prioritize duped champs and those that give you an ability or role you don't have at 440. I'm guessing AA, SW, Cap, Vis, CB and Guilly are offense with Symby, NC, AV, Magik and maybe mags on defense. Not bad... X23 would add another regen offensive champ even unduped for Aq, none of your others are great defenders.
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