My bad!

RapRap Posts: 2,049
Kabam has changed the phc crystals. I have brought this up a number of times but had no response. It upset me at first! For a month and a half your change has cost me a TON of 4 star shards! BUT! Such an unexpected bonus for me! Because i knew the champs dropping consistantly (now) were on the control access list i beefed them with sig stones long ago...and thanks to the change, a number of them, including iceman and star spidey, are now max. Additionally, each one, because they are newer and not maxed, that i crack has raised my overall ratings really fast! So ummm yeah! Thanks for the change! Did not realize i was loosing ratings in exchange for shards!


  • RapRap Posts: 2,049
    And it is clear they were doing this to help the lower tiers and themselves but...if i am going like i am then they are getting higher rating very quickly as well. In my case not gonna be long before i have reached parity again! And the shards will flow again!
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