Nick Fury - Master Difficulty

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Hey everyone, got a quick question . I'm putting this under Bugs, as I've read over everything, and I don't "believe" I missed anything ... so if I did, please point me in the right direction :)

I was working on Nick Fury, master difficulty .. and slipped up with my Ice man .. so had to finish him off with my backup: Vision (Age of Ultron).

Now, I know he's an Avenger, so I was expecting Nick to start with 6 tactical charges ... turns out he starts with 12 !?!

Why is that?

I re-read over Nick's abilities .. should be 6.
I re-checked all the nodes .. nothing indicating x2 tactical charges, or extra charges.

So is it a bug? or is it something I'm missing ?


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    Based on what i'm reading, i don't believe you missed anything and it indeed seems to be a bug. If you had a screenshot of the nodes, nick fury abilities and in game screenshot showing 12 tactical charges that would be alot more helpful.
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    hmm, I'll try .. but my team was:

    4* Cpt America (IW) rank 5
    4* Wolverine rank 5
    5* Ice man Rank 3
    4* Winter Soldier rank 5
    4* Vision (AoU) Rank 5.

    I don't think any masteries would affect this .. but if something sticks out I'll add it .

    When I get time, I'll try to retry .. but I'm still working on exploration for Cpt Marvel ...
    so when I get time (and Energy), I'll see if I can get a screen shot ...

    and re-iterationg: Definitely Master deficulty.

    Only thing I could think of, was he was often after his LMD triggered, and working on his 2nd "form" .. but again, I couldn't see anything that would change that either .. *shrug*

  • dot_dittodot_ditto Posts: 489 ★★★
    Ok .. here we go ..

    I went back, went in with Vision:

    rechecked all the info:

    and started the fight:

    (showing 5, as I parried him so I could pause . )
    So yes, started with 6 properly ..

    then I quit out, brought wolverine in, and killed his LMD, then quit the fight once the "2nd phase" started .. (ie used up his persistent charge)

    started the fight using Cpt. America (IW) ..

    and ...

    12 charges ... O.o

    So is this a "feature" of his LMD phase? or is it a bug?

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