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t3cc daily quest

so last week, i did the t3cc quest to try get some skill t3cc for my blade, since hes been sitting at r1 for the past 3 weeks since i got him from the featured blade crystal, also last week, i entered that quest about 4/5 times and didnt get a single fully formed or even form a single catalyst from the shards i got, safe to say, i was not impressed.. so i gave up and said, ill wait till next week.
Now, the daily quest for skill cats is back, i go in, get nothing on completion, go in again, explore it and get nothing but shard, i go in another 2 times and still, get NOTHING..
hey @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Porthos , i dont know who to tag specifically, so hi to you all, dont you think its a bit of a joke that i spend all my time and energy, 84 energy btw, just to explore it once, to get not even one guaranteed t3cc? i waste my energy on the quest when it could be better spent finishing exploration of act5, which im currently actively working on! the extra 2 times that i went in were units i spent on energy refills, hard earned units btw, free to play player here, 60 units just down the drain and my blade is going to be stuck at r1 for yet ANOTHER week.. oh unless i just spend my glory on a t3cc, oh wait, the glory that i dont have cause i spend on alliance potions cause i refuse to spend units/real money on them.. I hate to be this rude, but seriously, why has there not been an update to the t3cc daily quests?? Its a joke
Why is the daily quest for t3cc even there in the first place if it doesnt award players for the one thing they go in for???


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    yash98yash98 Posts: 68
    ps, if youre going through these quests please feel free to share you screenshots on this post, unlucky or lucky, i want to see how everyone else is getting on gaining cats from these clown fiesta quests :)
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    MuzzMuzz Posts: 124
    I just ran it 12 times and didn’t get a full cat from the checst once. C’mon Kabam, please do something about this. These threads are ancient now.
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    yash98yash98 Posts: 68
    Surprise surprise, no reply/acknowledgement from any of the mods..
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