Best case of RNG being on my side ever

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So I opened my 3rd cavalier crystal today. 3rd ever. I can’t whale out like that guy that spent $2,000 to get a 6* Gamora (and a ton of 5*s to be fair). In my 3rd ever opened I pull a 6* Doctor Octopus. I saw him coming and KNEW it would roll past. When it didn’t I about died. He’s my 3rd 6* along with Miles Morales and Cap IW (a lucky pull after saving for months). I’m on cloud 9 and everyone in my alliance is sleeping so I had to share. Good luck to everyone else!


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    Very cool, I'd love to have a 6* doc ock. BTW I'm a proud owner of a r2 6" CAIW. Do not hesitate when you get the chance. He's incredible.
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    Wow. Big Congrats are in order! I only have him as a 4* and he is one my favourite champs in the game (if not my most favourite). Enjoy him, man!
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    He was my first 6*. At first I only used him for the 6% atk with sparky. The more I quested with him, the more I liked him.
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    I’m the owner of one aswell, he’s great, but not a game changer imo, nice utility and stuff, bu t nothing too insane
  • Congrats! He's one of my favorite champs; I love his animations and the super long Power Locks and Heal Blocks he can get. Plus, I enjoy the way that his kit rewards you for playing like a super-villain, plotting and scheming 3 steps ahead of your opponent.
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    From phc
  • lowlevelplayerlowlevelplayer Posts: 424
    Corbus glove
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