Act 6 and First r5/r2

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Act 6 completion is next on my plate and I’m looking for advice on who will be the most useful to achieve that.
I’m heavily leaning towards Emma 6* right now for several reasons. The biggest being her immunities, evade counter, and damage output. Obviously the same can be said for ghost, BUT I am lacking a 5* wasp which apparently reduces my effectiveness with her. I just got too used to launching special attacks willy nilly without regard for block and need to break that habit lol. Another reason for Emma is obviously that she has potential to go further in the long run.
Any input on those 2 champs or someone you think would be more helpful will be greatly appreciated!


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    Corvus. He has been one of my Act 6 MVPs, but would prefer to have him awakened as it buys you a mistake or two
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    Yeah, I’ve considered him as well. I feel like he does what I need at r4 for now though. I recently put double suicides on after years of not using them which also makes him all the more potent at r4.
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