Generic ISO. Keep or Sell?

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I just completed act 3 and I've been pulling some pretty decent champions lately. I'm running low on gold (100k). I do not have a lot of class ISO, so the only mean of upgrading my champions I have is generic ISO. Some experienced players have told me that I should sell all generic ISO. So should I sell it and wait for my class ISO to increase or should I use up as much as I can? Thanks in advance


  • i would say that in the long run, ultimately it is best to not sell iso unless it is expiring, and to use class iso first. i'd say also, just keep opening PHCs from arena or alliance events, the class iso will come, and while you build it you will naturally amass gold as well, slowly but surely. finally, patience. i never sell anything unless it is expiring and just wait until i have a use for something or it is expiring. i think the net result is positive this way. there is no real rush to rank up your champions. they will be there as will the content. i have missed out on an event quest here or an event quest there while waiting for my resources to build to rank up a champ to tackle that content, but it all comes out in the wash, for me, because i know that eventually down the line my roster will be good enough to not have to miss any quests, and there will be more quest rewards to enjoy in the future in exchange for some patience in the moment.
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    Thanks! That was very helpful
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    I sell it. Whatever makes rank ups cheaper is cool with me.
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