Wich 4* Tech to R5 for def?

This is strictly for def. Lower tier (13)
Why I hesitate on my choice?
GG is a great def and I can use him, right now, on intel
Darkhawk is a fairly new champ. Ppl might not know how to fight him, and double immune. None in our ally, good for diversity.
Yondu, obvious reasons, he's always a tough one to beat
Ultron, classic fighter with some regen and double immune
IMiw, one of the best def, but, we have some in our ally, so, diversity wise, not good.

Wich 4* Tech to R5 for def? 12 votes

Green Goblin awaken
Darkhawk unawaken
MegaGalacticClatoniusArham1 3 votes
Yondu awaken
Saket_123Mr_E 2 votes
Ultron unawaken
IMiw awaken
WabobaFhfjghhggggjfhfjggforcefanNBSAIzidane21FreeToPlay_21Ampx115 7 votes


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