Looking for skilled/active AQ focused players.

PeaRatPeaRat Posts: 85
edited March 2019 in Alliance Recruitment
We are looking for map 5/4 players to come and join our alliance! We are going to be stopping war at the end of the season so only want AQ focused recruits. We will be running 5,5,3 x5 but may run 5,5,4 if we can get the skilled players.
Line is required for communication. Message me on line: @pearat07 if interested.
Donations will be required to run map 5 for 2 BGs, will be about 38000 gold and 2500 loyalty weekly.


  • PeaRatPeaRat Posts: 85
    Season has ended. No more war, AQ focused donations are 56250 gold and 3750 loyalty weekly per player. Looking for more players!
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