Sabertooth Killmonger Synergy

Question: The synergy between ST and KM says for ST inflicting a debuff will reduce opponent's ability accuracy by 100%. This normally works great for masochism nodes. However, lately in war, I've noticed this has failed to transpire several times in a single match throughout multiple wars... Am i misunderstanding something? Shouldn't it bypass masochism 100% of the time whenever a debuff is inflicted? Thanks for info in advance.


  • VoltolosVoltolos Posts: 555 ★★
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    I think there was recently a thread about this here on the Forum. There the masochism node also had an aspect of evolution node on it. Aspect of evolution increases the defenders ability accuracy so that might be the case here
  • Thank you for your input Voltos. Maybe that's what it is. Appreciate the feedback.
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