Danger Rooms... Sorta :/

I recently had an idea for something kabam could implement into the game which would be very helpful... It’s similar to the concept of “danger rooms” from x-men (not the ones already previously featured in MCOC). My idea was that kabam could make this feature permanent content, in which you, the user choose an opponent (special champs like IW Thanos, Maestro, etc, should be included) to battle, at which point you’ll be prompted to also choose their star rating, their rank, their level, and nodes you’d like to apply. Then you, the user, will be prompted to choose a champion to use in the quest, and from here it goes on like a “boss battle”, where you enter the room and you battle the opponent you chose.

To simply the above, i’ll give an example... Say I want to practice battling Corvus Glaive, yet I don’t wanna find someone to duel, as it can be tedious and fairly boring (and sometimes impossible given the limited resources so far available in the contest) to find one that matches what I’m looking for... This mode would let me select something like a 6* Corvus, rank 4, level 36, with local nodes (I.e Brawl and Starburst). Then I would be prompted to select a champ to bring in and use, at which point I’d select someone like my 5/50 GR... The quest is then loaded and you battle said opponent. The quest should also consume 0 energy and reward nothing.

I could see this being very useful, as it not only allows fellow summoners to prep for tough battles, through practice (whether it be a character from act 6, an aw boss, or just a new EQ champ), but as previously mentioned it reduces the hastle of having to look for someone, and allows summoners to battle an opponent that they would not otherwise be allowed to battle (in duels), like rank 3/4/5 6*’s (at the moment).


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    A simple what star/ select dupe (0 sig or max sig) would be enough. Just make them all max level linked to star chosen. That could be step 1. Then step 2 could be adding nodes. Great idea though.
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