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6.1.5 possible champs

So I’ve tried with my 4/55 neb Luke, they are the only option I have. Seems like an iceman or omega is needed. Neb just hits like a wet noodle and no chance to build up charges or drop a sp2, then chances of him shrugging off seems higher cause it’s kabam sneakiness. I’ve tried to do with blade spark venom 5/65 but it’s a unit grab for sure. So what I’m asking is viable other options? I tried domino with Mexican and rulk no luck either.


  • Only_AlonerOnly_Aloner Posts: 141
    Ice man
  • Only_AlonerOnly_Aloner Posts: 141
    I dont know who another can beat him))) only ice and omega.
  • SDPSDP Posts: 1,618 ★★★★
    Ghost is the best option. I know that not everyone has her, and all that. Just saying.
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