LF up to 5 members for the Hateful 30(H8FL3)

The Hateful 30 [H8FL3] 20mn alliance looking to replace up to 5 members after war season ends. Min prestige 7k+ with 2 R5 5* or equivalent. AQ focussed with relaxed wars. Line app required. Need to be active and reliable in aq/aw, capable of clearing lanes individually and should communicate properly

AQ - 66655 with a target of top 300 in rank rewards

AW - Tier 4/5 wars with Gold 1 placement. No push for Plat 3

Donations - 175k gold, 11400 Loyalty, 11700 BC

Contact me in line @devraj_90 or contact one of us in game:
IGN - devraj123/jawzh/psybozz
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