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My account was recently hacked and I have been trying to get ahold of Kabam with their support system, and it has been nothing but terrible communication. Giving me no info what so ever. They are accusing me of account sharing, while I have never shared my password with anyone, and if I had account shared how can they prove this. Check where I have logged in from. If it's obvious I have account shared then ban my account. I have stated I have been hacked, and all Kabam is doing is accusing me of lying.
Another statement that makes no sense. Kabam is basically saying it's impossible to hack someone's email and password.
It`s is so obvious no one took their time to review my ticket as I provided proof of anything they would need to revert the changes.
I have not been banned but my champs were sold.
It makes me sad that I have invested over 2000$ and when I finally have a problem with Kabam I get nothing but bad replies that don't help me at all. The champs sold were pretty serious and require countless hours to get.
I want some proof instead of accusing me of things I haven't done.

I bring this up on the forums as Kabam support doesn't support me or gives me any clarification, I wouldn't complain if I actually shared my password, but seen as I haven`t I want some more information from Kabam. And before you close this thread as I'm sure you will, at least have a conversation in private messages. Kabam support does not get back to me with a real person. I really think you should use some of those millions on improving your support and not making countless bugs every patch which makes the game nearly unplayable.

and don`t try to claim support works well. its a 1 in a 1000 chance you will actually talk to a real person let alone them doing anything. It's a complete mess and needs changing asap. I always hear stories about support being bad and it taking months to get some simple clarification, is that really what it takes? I have to spend months just to get my ticket forwarded to a real person that can actually help me out?
Edit: If any can provide how many tickets I need to open or how many replies I need to get to a real person let me know


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    Good luck but don't hold your breath.

    I've faced terrible customer support from other games before. Usually terrible to the point of defying all logic or reason. I mean... I can understand you can't answer every noob demanding free stuff, it would break the game.. but established players that have spent thousands of dollars on the game?? When what they ask is perfectly reasonable and costs you nothing at all to consider? I don't get it, but, over and over again when a situation like this comes up I always end up disappointed and frustrated.

    I had a *very* similar issue to the one you listed above with another game. I won't mention the name of the game or the company because I'm not sure if it's against the rules or not, but it's the online version of a multiplayer collectible card game. I don't even want to think how much money I dropped on this game but it was thousands of dollars.
    One day I logged in to find almost all of my most valuable cards gone. My account had been hacked by someone. I contacted customer support. They traced the unauthorized sale of these cards, confirmed what had happened, and gave me the same BS line you so often hear "appropriate action will be taken against these accounts if any wrongdoing is discovered, but our findings will be confidential." rough paraphrasing. I'm sure you've heard similar.

    But anyway that did nothing to restore the stolen cards to my account. So... what good did it do me? These digital objects that cost the company NOTHING to produce... but they refused to return them to my account even if they found evidence it had been hacked which it had.

    So... this player who spent literally thousands of dollars on this stupid game... quit playing. Because the company wouldn't give him something that costs them literally zero dollars... I honestly don't get it. How did customer service ever get THIS bad?

    With Kabam... I thought that they were better, actually. Perhaps naively. When the whole 12,0 patch fiasco hit the fan, and everyone was super upset.... even though the response from Kabam failed to fully satisfy many of the YouTubers out there who were still complaining.... from my perspective... I was really impressed by how well Kabam handled everything. It perhaps took them too long to figure out that they had messed up... but... not that long. And once they did, they were apologetic, and they really tried hard to fix all the problems and address the concerns of their players. Some felt it was not enough, but I was thinking... WOW... for once a company that listens and gives a ****! What a novel thing.


    a few months later... my faith was completely dashed as I was cheated out of 3 featured heroes in a row by the fact that 80% of the leaders for featured arena in beginner bracket are cheaters and hackers. I provided evidence of this to Kabam, they thanked me for the report, gave me the same BS line about how they would pursue appropriate action but all decisions would be confidential... and told me there was nothing they could do about the champions I was cheated out of.

    Which is, of course, baloney. And.. just like my experience before... well... fine... they refused to give me something I rightfully deserved, that would cost them $0.... in return... they've lost my business. I went from spending $100 a month on this game to spending $0. Because of poor customer service.

    Wish you the best of luck. But like I said, don't hold your breath, mate.
  • The forums are not the place for account specific issues. Moderation does not have access to in-game accounts. Our Support Team should be able to provide suggestions on ways to secure your account. Changing your passwords on your Kabam account as well as your Google Play/Apple GameCenter accounts are always a good idea, as well as ensuring your email has not been compromised.

    Unfortunately, a lot of this cannot be handled by Kabam, as passwords are something that players need to ensure are secured. I'm sorry this has happened to you, though this ultimately is something that you will need to address in your individual accounts.
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