Updated war season rewards

Besides adding 1/25th of a t5b into Gold 1 war rewards, war rewards have remained static for most of us. Given that a war season (with average break) lasts 6 weeks, gold 1 will result in an extra t5b every 3 years (150 weeks).

It currently yields 4500 t2a for the time period, which I can get for 400 glory and a top-1200 placement in AQ.

War is supppsed to be the most competitive environment in the game. Kabam has done a great job at the start of 2019 adjusting the meta to make 4/55s more common, but war season rewards have been left in the dust.

Considering that 100% of the monthly EQ is worth 9,000 t5b, it seems like a 6-week war season could easily yield 6,000 in gold 1 and 3,000 in gold 2. Even if you bumped the t2a to 12,000 in gold 1, you’re basically matching what a single glory purchase gets you each AQ cycle over the same six weeks. Just something to consider.


  • Hopper99Hopper99 Posts: 98

    I almost don't want them to increase war rewards. This season of not caring at all about AW has been the best since they added AW seasons.

    I agree. My current alliance only runs aq and if I have to run war again I’ll likely just quit or play solo.
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