A.I recovery

Yeah, it's kinda insanely fast sometimes, so please tone it down a lot. I've had countless encounters with this in story quest, eq and arena. The ai would 'punish' me right after I end my combo, just because the ai recovers faster from my medium attack than me. I don't really care if this happens to me in arena, but the problem is that it also happens in story quest and eq, and it's extremely frustrating to deal with it, mostly because I can't really do anything about it. Please look into this issue, thank you.


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    Fred_JoeityFred_Joeity Posts: 1,168 ★★★
    That shouldn’t be a thing. The AI is still normal for me. It might be a bug for you
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    Sixshot1Sixshot1 Posts: 459 ★★
    The A.I. doesn't recover so fast it's impossible to react, you've just gotta update your playstyle a bit. I usually preemptively Parry at the end of a combo. If it lands, I get another combo. If not, I'm blocking, so I'm still in a relatively safe position.

    Hope that helps!
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