50k Player Looking For A New Active Alliance

I may have a 50k rating but l am serious in wanting to grow. My Game Play Times Are like 8 hrs Per Day.
I am a team player in AQs, strongly believe in Alliance Communication, Occasionally Coming Online Every Few Hours To Do Quests or Grind Arena...

Really Want To Join An Alliance That Can Help Me Grow As A Player Quickly.

I Have A Line app acc and Discord Acc.



  • Gladiator2014Gladiator2014 Posts: 283
    Hi Oddz2019. Our sister alliance, [Dos34] is recruiting. We would welcome you in the alliance. The focus of the alliance is on AQ and not war. We are trying to help teammates develop their rosters, setup the mastery correctly, and other game related details. Please reach out to Fost Army (that is his IGN) as he is the leader. I run the main alliance [1Dos3] and can answer any questions that you may have. You can reach me in-game, gladiator2014 is my IGN.
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