Gold 1 / Plat 3 Alliance looking for 3 after Season ends.

We are the Last Dragon alliance. We are currently looking for 3 members as current members take vacation or breaks from the game after this season. We bounce between upper Gold 1 and lower Platinum 3 war rankings. If we win this last war we will be Platinum 3 as our current rank is Rank 1 Gold 1. We run map 6 on non-war attack days in 2 Battlegroups and map 5 otherwise. We fight tier 4 and tier 3 wars. We have been on the cusp of cracking into the <250 ranking in Alliance Quest.

We are looking for active members in the UK or US time zones. LINE chat is a must, as we do all of our coordinating in LINE. If interested, hit me up on LINE, ID is justapilgrim118. Send me your profile pic as well.

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