4.6 Million Alliance looking for 1-3 players 120k+

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Asguardians of the Galaxy

A bit about ourselves!
4.6 million alliance that is looking to trim some of the fat in our group so we can take that next step.
We are in and out of Tier 7 AW all the time and it is mainly due to the "fat" we are trying to get rid of. We all want those 5* shards!!!
We are looking for players that are 120k+ and play fairly frequently.
We start all AQ and AW at roughly 6pm EST so please keep that in mind. We expect participation :)
We run map 5 once a week and map 4 a few times depending on schedules. Ideally we'd like to do map 5 more often, but again we need to trim some fat :)
Donations are currently 40k gold, 3k loyalty and 6k battle chips
Family friendly alliance (so no foul language please)

You can either message me in-game or here!
My username in-game is Greywarden

Let me know if I missed something!



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