Which 5* Cosmic to Awaken

Just finished 5.3 and got a cosmic Gem. I have a 5* Hyperion and Corvus to choose from, both at Rank 4... leaning towards Hyperion as think he benefits more. However, I tend to use Corvus more and wondering if the refresh on his glave charges is significant enough to warrant the awakening. I think I would use my 4* Heimdall synergy in those rare cases where the cheat death mechanic is handy.

Which 5* Cosmic to Awaken 9 votes

AjisdopeTeddersThecrusher_9756Colonaut123FhfjghhggggjfhfjgDose_ResponsiveHuntspyjNorthkeeper 8 votes
NiteAndDae 1 vote
Wait for Medusa
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