Tired of grinding and wanna slow it down a little come join our 21m aw focus ally

We're 21m aw focus ally looking to have fun and enjoy the game.
We have big hitters here and looking to make the ally full of strong relaxing players too.
T 4/3 in aw.
Playing 1 bg map 5×5 and other 2 bgs map 4×5 in aq and you can choose what map you wanna play.
low donations just 18k gold and 1200 loyalty.
we get sa weekly and hit all milestones in completion and item use without any minimums just everyone do his best.
no stress just enjoying the game and focus on war.
Looking for highly skill players with at least 2 r5 5*.
If you're interested plz contact me on line app.
My line id is xzibit030
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