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The team have found the source of the issue and will be updating with our next build.
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9250 Prestige LF Gold 1 no donations

Line: irush_gt

Took a step back from competitive AQ/AW to enjoy other aspects of the game with no demands, so plenty of experience. Need gold 1 and would prefer no AQ demands. Probably have another following me, so 2 spots would be a plus. HMU on LINE and not in game


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    Biggy_BallaBiggy_Balla Posts: 46
    Messaged you on line
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    R4GER4GE Posts: 1,530 ★★★★
    edited April 2019
    Sorry, wrong post
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    R4GER4GE Posts: 1,530 ★★★★
    Hey folks, I accidentally bumped this thread (meant to comment on a current one.)

    I am not looking for an alliance
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