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Help! I've been Banned! What do I do now?

Hey folks!

As we continue to take action against those that violate our terms of service, we're seeing more of these posts. A few things you need to know:

1. Our forums are not the place to discuss or try to appeal game bans. You can do this by contacting support: http://mcoc.kabamsupport.com/

2. If you send an appeal, our customer support team will investigate the reasoning behind the ban and act accordingly.

3. The hard truth is that it is very possible that your appeal may be denied.

4. We do not ban without evidence. Has a friend of yours been banned? You may be upset about that, but this doesn't necessarily mean that the action taken against them is unjust. We've seen a lot of conjecture and discussion around this point, and people both say that we don't do enough about cheating/hacking/account banning and then say that we are acting unfairly in taking action against those that violate our terms. We don't stand to benefit from banning people that have not violated our terms - there's no upside for us in that. We ask that you keep that in mind.

5. We don't provide detailed evidence or investigation methods simply because we are not wiling to give away information on how we detect this stuff. We are however working to be more specific regarding the reason for your ban.

Threads regarding account bans will be locked and directed to customer service.

Thank you for your attention to this matter!
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