We noticed a number of the Spring of Sorrow objectives aren't working properly, we are investigating and currently working on a potential solution.
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Cheated Out of My Units

Earlier today I had 908 units and now I have 608 without spending anything!


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    Atticus9090Atticus9090 Posts: 521 ★★
    Is this just a graphics bug or something?

    I really would like those 300 missing units back. @Kabam Miike
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    Atticus9090Atticus9090 Posts: 521 ★★
    Also, anyone else experiencing this issue?
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    Kabam VydiousKabam Vydious Posts: 3,598
    Hi there!

    Can you please reach out to our Support team about this? They'll be better equipped to assist you with this matter. You can reach them via the gear icon in the upper left corner of the main screen within the game. From there, scroll to select 'Support'.
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