I need an alliance

Hello I'm in need of an alliance that has decent structure, and achieve rewards more frequently, I'm currently 95k not as strong as I'd like but good enough for a 33333, and consistantly running AW. Want to be productive and help out as much as I can, need to build in order to get stronger. Let me know if interested. Add me



  • If you’re still looking you’re welcome to come join us DPE11. We are laid back but complete AQ 3/4 weekly no mins no donations. We are very active but low on people. Line or in game mandingo8282.
  • Gladiator2014Gladiator2014 Posts: 283
    Hi Aclark. Are you still looking for a home? If you are, our sister alliance, [Dos34], would welcome you. It's a growing alliance focused on AQ, but we also do some wars (non-mandatory to participate) for those interested teammates. We use Telegram for communication app. No donations and no event minimums. If you are interested, please message the leader, Fost Army, for an invite to join. That is his IGN. If you have any questions, I run the main alliance at [1Dos3], and I can help answer them for you. My IGN is gladiator2014.
  • Check out slkr6 tag for alliance. They are building.
  • 300mike300mike Posts: 18
    hey if your still looking let me know line id is 300mike
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