Plat 3, Rank 175 AQ Alliance LFM

Who we are: This is an alliance that has been together since 2015. Some people have come and gone but the core group is still here. We finish in platinum 3 every single season and we rank inside the top 200 (175ish) in every AQ. We run two groups of map 6 and one group of map 5 (the map 5 is for those that either do not want to put the extra time into map 6 or need to take a step back for a short period of time).

What we are looking for: We are looking for someone or a group of people (10 maximum) that have a prestige of 9k. We want you to be open to map 6 and be able to be time conscious so we are not scrambling last second to get that boss kill in.

Donations: Currently... 205k gold, 17.5k battlechips and 14.5k loyalty.

We are aware that life happens and the game comes second. Most of us here have kids and we get it. That being said, if life happens, we are flexible.

If you have any questions, reach out to me on Line (andyb23) or in game (AndyB1985). If you cannot reach me, you can also reach our leader or one of our officers in game.
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