Just R5'd my Ægon yesterday...he made most fights in 6.1.5 bearable!

RC51RC51 Posts: 119
I saw a thread somewhere where someone was like, "Ægon is poo". I respectfully disagree. I entered the final fight vs CB with a persistent hit combo of 413. This was also my final run of 6.1.5. I took the path where you go Ronan (Biohazard, Stupefy, Aspect of Nightmares...I used Luke Cage cuz Ægon w/ zero hit combo can't get rid of Biohazard fast enough), and then used Ægon for the remainder: AV (Aggression: Precision, Brute Force, Adaptive, and Breakthrough), Proxima (Incinerate 30, Mystic Ward, Stupefy, Buffet), Ultron (Incinerate 30, Aspect of War, Buffet), Hela (Incinerate 30, Death's Embrace, Immortal Souls, Bane), Ms Marvel (Immunity, Stun Immunity, Mesmerize, Bane), and finally, Crossbones.

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