20 Million Gold 1 5x5 AQ - looking for 1

Relaxed yet competitive Gold 1 ally looking for mature North America based (minimum 8k prestige) skilled player. We are organized, chill and a fun group on Line. We run donations at only 75k gold and 5k loyalty which keeps the cost low for players who don't have time to arena grind. Any interested summoners can contact me at:

Game : BDVM
Line : BDVM.brah


  • BDVMBDVM Posts: 67
    Our ally is competitive Gold 1 2000+ and we run 5x5 AQ placing in the 500-800 rank. We are currently looking for members with 8k prestige that match our laid back, yet committed chemistry that we work hard at maintaining. If you are going to have an additional rank up that will get your prestige closer to 8k, we may make an exception for someone who is a good match chemistry wise. Shoot me a msg to chat about it if that interests you.

    Line: BDVM.brah
    Game: BDVM
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