Need general help with my next few rank ups...

I'm reaching that crossroads in every summoners life where I am starting to straddle the line when it comes to secondary rank ups of 4 and 5 star champs.

I have 19 five stars and 105 four stars.

I have pretty much every God tier four star that isn't brand new.

My most recent rank ups have been:

5* proxima to 3/45.
5* Gulk Rags to 2/35( just pulled him)
4* Omega red to 5/50(grinded for him)
4* winter soldier to 4/40
4* gamora to 4/40.

I plan to take Gulk Rags and nebula to 3/45 when I get more T4CC.

Here are my champs.

I'm thinking of taking unduped venom to 4/40.

Or maybe Gamora to 5/50. I like Doc Oct a lot. And Thor Rags would be good for arena points.

I like Angela hits so hard.

I don't know what to do.

I'm thinking of taking Yondu, Morningstar, and Miles Morales to 2/35 to help me grind the 4 star featured.

I'm going for cap beardo round 2.

I have never gone for a featured but you guys can see that I am far enough along to put up 7.5 million points without revives

So maybe I should help that along by taking more 5 stars up even if they are arena fodder. I have a pretty nice questing roster.

I just fully explored all of the UC EQ except the final chapter. Which I will finish. So I'm fully exploring Uncollected for the first time.

Please give some advice on what direction you guys would head if you were me.


  • Frivolousz21Frivolousz21 Posts: 336 ★★
    Heres the roster:

  • Speedro420Speedro420 Posts: 196
    Nice roster man. Is focus on hulk rags, symbiotic supreme, and spider Gwen, rank up rank up x23 and blade when ya can. Youndu is usfull sometimes as well.
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