human torch

before the human torch appears I would like to give you an idea of what your abilities would be like in the game
I would like it to be cosmic while it is going to make the scientist remove the description cosmic radiation
the powers according to wikipedia are to wrap themselves in plasma burning without resivir damage = immune to incineration
this aura of plasma layers of vaporizing projectiles like bullets and this can control at will would be like the incineration aura of mephisto is can work like the heat loads of hulk network or those of ¨masacre¨
pyroqunesis this character escapes from controlling the fire both form and size of the flames so that characters that use fire have to lose with the
when Kraven poisoned him he heated his blood to burn the toxin and I suppose he could cauterize the bleeding wounds
and the characters that I think were effigies against the human torch are the void, doctor voodu iceman and I do not worry about anything
human Torch
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