Absolutely Positively 100% Legitimate Datamined Champions

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I learned to d a t a m i n e. Here’s what I found.


Class: Tech

Signature Ability: ZA WARUDO
DIO attacks using his stand. DIO’s opponents can’t see his stand, so all of it’s attacks are unblockable.
During special attacks, DIO has a 1,000% chance to stop time, preventing his opponents from blocking or dodging.
Since opponents can’t see or hurt [The World], any attack using [The World] is unstoppable.
DIO can block unblockable attacks.
Due to his ability to stop time, DIO has a 1,000% chance to evade attacks.

DIO’s M E N A C I N G A U R A is so intimidating that he reduces his opponent’s ability accuracy by 110%. This ignores immunity to ability accuracy reduction.
DIO is immune to debuffs.
DIO is immune to ability accuracy reduction, even if it says it ignores immunity to ability accuracy reduction.
Whenever DIO’s opponent uses Dexterity, he gains 100% of his power and gets a permanent True Strike passive.

All attacks:
DIO takes his opponent’s blood and regenerates 9,999,999 HP on every hit, including blocked hits. If his opponent is bleed immune, he has a 100% to cause 20 Armor Break passives.

While Blocking:
DIO blocks using [The World]. Opponents can’t hurt the world so they can’t break through DIO’s block and DIO is Indestructible.

Special 1: Knives for DAYS
DIO throws 80 knives at his opponent. Every time a knife hits an opponent, DIO gains a bar of power.

Special 2: WRYYYYYYY
DIO unleashed a sonic attack. It’s invisible and unblockable. It ignores Indestructible because it’s a sonic attack.

Special 3: ROADA ROLLA DA!
DIO throws a road roller at his opponent. His opponent can’t handle the sheer beauty and power of the road roller and takes 1,000,000,000 direct damage.


HOW MANY SLICES OF BREAD HAVE TO EATEN IN YOUR LIFE? with Howard the Duck and Venom the Duck.
DIO: DIO tosses bread at his opponent if left idle for 0.5 seconds, stunning them for 20 seconds. This stun is a passive effect.
Howard the Duck and Venom the Duck: ______ the Duck gains a Breadlusted passive effect at the start of the fight. While Breadlusted, ______ deals 999% more damage and all of his attacks are unblockable and generate 2,000% more power.

DIO: [The World] stops time on normal attacks at random.
Blade: Danger sense effects every champion.

I LIKE BLOOD with Carnage.
DIO: If DIO’s opponent isn’t bleeding, DIO causes 200 permanent bleed debuffs.
Carnage: Carnage gains a full bar of power every second he’s near a bleeding opponent and power lock the opponent.

DIO seems kinda bad. No Fury buffs or Power Lock. Such a shame.

Sans Undertale.

Class: All of them.

Signature Ability: Gaster Blaster Master Caster.
Sans’ attacks with Gaster Blasters are unblockable and can’t be dodged, even with Dexterity.
Sans’ attacks with Gaster Blasters deal 1,000,000% more damage.
Sans’ attacks with Gaster Blasters cause 20 passive versions of every debuff in the game.
Sans’ attacks with Gaster Blasters get rid of all of your Units and Gold.
Sans’ attacks with Gaster Blasters delete your champion from the game.

While one or more of Sans’ allies is dead, he enters Bad Time mode at the start of the fight. While Sans is in bad time mode, incoming attacks have a 100% chance to miss, Sans gains 12 permanent passive Fury effects, Sans’ opponents can’t trigger any buffs or passive effects, all buffs and passive effects on Sans’ opponent are nullified, Sans Is unblockable, and Sans regenerates 100% of his HP every second.
Sans gets a bar of power every 3 seconds.
Sans is immune to everything.

While being attacked:
Sans has an 80% chance to evade incoming attacks.
Sans’ opponents gain no power while attacking Sans.

While attacking:
Sans is fast because he dodged a child so he’s fast enough to become unblockable.
Critical hits have a 100% chance to nullify all buffs.
All of Sans’ attacks are critical hits.
Sans goes for his opponent’s weak spots, reducing their ability accuracy by 200% percent.
Sans’ attacks generate 99% less power.

Special 1: Bad Time
Sans enters bad time mode. Sans launches bones at his opponent. He doesn’t stop attacking until his opponent gets hit or 10 seconds pass. If 10 seconds pass, Sans uses a Gaster Blaster instead. He continues to attack with the Gaster Blaster until he lands a hit.

Special 2: Extra Bad Time.
Sans teleports behind the opponent and attacks with a Gaster Blaster. They can block him because he’s behind them.

Special 3: Supreme Bad Time.
1 Hit K.O.


Sans: Gaster Blasters are a 1 Hit K.O.
Ghost Rider: Judgement effects are permanent and stack.

CAN’T TOUCH THIS with Spider-Man (Classic) and Night Crawler.
All Champions: All Champions have a 100% chance to evade Special Attacks.

Sans: Light attacks have the same affects as Gaster Blaster attacks.
DIO: [The World] becomes [The World Over Heaven], and it’s punches are 1 Hit K.O.s.

Sans is ok I guess? He doesn’t have incinerate.


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