24M Relaxed Alliance Looking For 2: AQ Maps 5/4/3 (120+ Mil.) - AW Gold 1 (2BGs) - No Minimums

True Legends (calii) is looking for 2 experienced players to join our team. We are a laid back group aiming to enjoy the game and collect some decent rewards without making it a second job. We have no minimums, so you can do what you want, as long as you communicate and are active in AQ/AW.

Who we are:

    * No Minimums, No drama, Have fun
    * AW: 2 BGs - Gold 1: Organized with assigned paths and a rotating roster
    * AQ: maps 5/4/3 x5 (Score 120+ Mil) - Donations: 18000 gold, 1200 loyalty


    * Line App
    * Prestige 8000+
    * Roster able to compete in tier 4 AW (at least 2 R5 5* preferred)

Message me if interested.
Line ID: mav03820
IGN: Maverick03820
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