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How to spend my intel

I currently have e 1500 intels left bfr the the campaign ends.. so which you'd be the wiser choice to spend it on...

Additional info: I currently have 3450 5* shards in possession, and I am 1 t4cc away from r3 my quake/GR/X23

How to spend my intel 14 votes

2 x Tier 4 Class catalyst
NikskiniSpiderCoolsHammerbro_64RasiloverChampioncriticSidDDragonZeezoosDethwraithHuntspyj 9 votes
2500 5* shards.
JohnyzeroSceptilemaniacFhfjghhggggjfhfjgLOUISIANIMAL225LordGenesis 5 votes


  • DethwraithDethwraith Posts: 24
    2 x Tier 4 Class catalyst
    Out of the choices. T4cc could get you a rank up on a champ that can help clear harder content and make getting other resources easier
  • SidDDragonSidDDragon Posts: 942 ★★★
    2 x Tier 4 Class catalyst
    Alternatively u can do this...spend 500 on half of a t2a...700 on a t4cc and then when u get 100 intel tomorrow...spend the remaining 400 on a t4b
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