Looking for 11 Summoners with 200k Rating

Inhuman X-Force is seeking 11 Summoners with a rating of about 200k. Lower would be fine as long as you can clear lanes in AQ map 5 and do war at the same time.

When we were at 30 members we ran AQ map 5x5 in expert tier each week earning 1 T4B plus whatever goodies came from the map 5 crystals. We are now running maps 54444 until we fill out our roster. War tier ranges from 4 to 8.

Donations are 100k gold, 30k BCs, and 12k loyalty. We hit all milestones in completion (need 15k points minimum), item use and duels (need 650 minimum). We also do SA weekly usually placing in the 6-20% bracket. It will probably be lower now with less people, but we can easily get back there.

We use Facebook messenger for communication as well as a FB page. Please contact Anakin Sciluk or Scarred Pool either in game or via LINE. We just use LINE for recruiting.

Thank you


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