Daily Catalyst Quest Rewards

The cost for fully exploring a hard difficulty Skill catalyst quest is 84 energy, which I assume is identical or similar to all other class’s quests. There is not a guarantee, or even great odds, that you will actually get a single catalyst you are seeking. I cannot begin to explain how frustrating it is to spend more than an entire bar of energy and receive between one fourth and one third of the catalyst you want.

The game is at a point where these catalysts are not very valuable anymore. The rarity to value ratio of Tier 3 Class Catalysts is ridiculous. I can understand having a high energy cost assigned to these catalysts for newer players, but for middle-high tier players, trying to get these catalysts is one of the most needlessly time-consuming parts of the game. I have more Tier 4 Class Catalysts than Tier 3. That doesn’t make any sense at all. Tier 3 Class Catalysts need to be much easier to obtain at this point in the game’s evolution, for advanced players at the very least. The easiest way to do this is by guaranteeing one catalyst for full quest exploration. If this isn’t something that seems like it would work out, more ways to obtain these catalysts should be included in the game’s content. Please.


  • xSK0RCHxxSK0RCHx Posts: 13
    I have actually received less than 600 t3cc shards from 100% completion when needing 3 to take a rank 1 5* to r2. There are 2800 shards for each 1. At that rate I would have to run it 13 times in 24 hours before going to the next type! That’s insane!
  • ap4057ap4057 Posts: 28
    True man, easier to get T4 than T3 and manier times T3 has pissed me off.
    Recently I pulled up IMIW but didn't had T3 to rank him up. After I got T3 from class daily, the same day he was at R4.
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