Mesmerize effectiveness against true strike

The_Jagga81The_Jagga81 Posts: 71
edited April 2019 in Bugs and Known Issues
Would like to understand how a champion with true strike active can get auto evaded on a mesmerize node if the whole point of true strike is to prevent that.
It happened on quest 6.1.6.


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    SantaGulkSantaGulk Posts: 72
    I bet it’s Heimdall
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    The_Jagga81The_Jagga81 Posts: 71
    Killmonger and venom under 18%
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    NiteAndDaeNiteAndDae Posts: 670 ★★★
    My Corvus loves mesmerize. It's a free charge and I then see the evade failed message as I chop them to bits. Which champ were you using?
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