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Corvus Glave extra animation after sp3

CG does an extra animation after cut scene and leaves him open to attack. I have a full video as well but don’t know how to post.


  • laninos86laninos86 Posts: 5
    I've had some random lurches forward with Hyperion after his sp3. May have been others too but I cannot remember specifically.
  • Lopes247Lopes247 Posts: 20
    Saw a vid of dr vd doing the same after his sp3
  • MemphistophilesMemphistophiles Posts: 68
    I've had random forward dashes while blocking for months now
  • UrrymonsterUrrymonster Posts: 69
    This also happened to me with Hyperion... tried holding blocking, not holding anything and then trying to dash back and each one failed... he did a medium attack the moment the sp3 animation ended which missed and I was countered
  • NeepoNeepo Posts: 1
    Since I have updated this has happened to me with Hyperion as well. It cost me a few items in AQ. I thought I was crazy. I do not see it as a confirmed bug though. Does anyone know if it is a confirmed bug on Kabam's radar?
  • Kabam LyraKabam Lyra Posts: 2,937 ★★★

    It looks like this is related to the issue reported here. If you have any additional info, please leave it in that thread. Thanks!
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