Sabretooth vs scarlet witch fury issue

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I was using sabretooth against SW in a fight and because I hit her with a critical hit, I was given a random buff, "fury" to be specific. I bring this up because I thought to myself "shoot, I'll just dodge back, idle, and convert this fury into a passive fury!"

However, the fury buff granted to my sabretooth by SW did not convert into a passive fury. This occurred twice during the fight. I was able to convert the furies generated through 10-hit combos (as it the way sabretooth works), but I found it strange that those granted by SW did not convert to passive furies.

Anyone able to provide some clarity to this?


  • Arham1Arham1 Posts: 235
    Yes. Sabretooth can only convert Fury to Passives through Fury activated by his own abilities.
  • NEO_mr_AndersonNEO_mr_Anderson Posts: 838 ★★
    I had the same experience with a synergy I've tried, Heimdall/Angela/Saber.
    Dash back and hold to get a fury. But, the fury doesn't carry over as a persistant charge.
    I've posted something about that, on reddit, but, got no reply.
    @NEO_mr_Anderson yea, they should definitely either allow all furies to be convertible into passives or they should more clearly specify that only his furies can be converted. Because currently his abilities say he can convert "temporary" furies into passives, but not all temporary furies are convertible.
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