Faction Alert: The Crimson Alliance is recruiting!

Hi all,

For those of you who got the Viridian Gate reference, nicely done. Excellent series well worth reading.

The Crimson Alliance is a new and active open alliance looking for players of any level to participate in a fun, cooperative environment. I don't believe any character is better or worse than any other; the main thing is that you enjoy the game. Whether you're a new player, someone disenchanted with your current Alliance experience, or just looking to become part of something greater, keep reading! There are a few common-sense points listed below for anyone wishing to join:

1) Please show respect to fellow players, both within the Alliance and without. We're all people, and deserve to be treated in accordance with Wheaton's Law.

2) If you're playing the game, you're a Marvel fan. Awesome! So are we. We're looking for more fans to build this community. A great way to introduce yourself is to add me as a friend and tell me your favorite Marvel character, and why. Feel free to do this even if you're not interested in being part of the Crimson Alliance.

3) There are no level requirements; however, participation in Alliance events is strongly encouraged. The purpose of an Alliance is to work together to achieve objectives as a team to accomplish objectives that individuals can not. It is up to us as a group to see how far we can go.

4) Don't sweat the small stuff. Ask for help if you need it, contribute what you can, and we'll grow stronger. Please contact me or one of my officers if you're interested in joining.

If you've managed to read this far, we'd love to have you. See you in-game, thanks for considering the Crimson Alliance, and enjoy your adventures in the Universe!

- Saethdar
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