Ghost phasing bug?

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With all the other ongoing bugs recently, I'm going to drop this here for reference. I'm not (yet) 100% sure if it's a bug vs the game detecting an input from me .. but I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything.

5.2.4 practising vs Yellowjacket with my 5* rank 2 ghost (unawakened).
with Hood synergy only (and ironically) :)

Fight was almost over, I've fought him a few times now as practice, quit/restart, etc ... so a couple of points:

1) my ghost gameplay is improving greatly, I'm no pro. but no rookie .. I know what I'm doing .. I'm just not flawless (yet) :)
2) I've played vs this YJ many times, I understand the nodes ... and his abilities.

He was under 25% .. so was I (too many mistakes up to then . *sigh* )

anyway, I had gotten him into a rythym .. backed him in his corner, 4 hit combo, phase .. let him attack me, or use a special, then go back in combo, phase, lather rinse repeat ..

This had repeated already now through about 3 special 1's ... all completely missing me while phased ..

then suddenly, he threw a special at me, while I'm phased, and it hit me ... uh .. hello? O.o

No I wasn't touching the screen .. no inputs (almost positive of that ... small chance otherwise, I'll admit to that).

So yeah ... just in case it's another bug, going to leave this here .. and I'll see if it happens again :)

I'm on Android v7.1.1
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