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More in depth/updated 22.1 Bug List of Issues and Status?

GreywardenGreywarden Posts: 795 ★★★★
edited April 2019 in Bugs and Known Issues
I was hoping to see a more accurate and up to date bug list as well as the statuses of their fixes OR if the new interaction is actually intended. A good example of this would be the NC change, intended or bug?

There are A LOT more bugs reported than in the below post.

Hoping a Mod can jump on this as it would help reduce the uproar knowing what is being worked on...


  • Kabam LyraKabam Lyra Posts: 2,932 ★★★

    As stated in the Known Issues thread, we are looking into these and when we have more information we'll update that thread but we don't have any new info at the moment.
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